On the basis of 23 years experience of working globally in educational assessment, I can confidently say that HKEAA ranks as one of the finest assessment organisations that I have come across. The qualities shown in the development of assessment models, the application of assessment procedures, the provision of fair results and the thorough investigation of queries and complaints, are outstanding. The assessment of appropriate educational skills, particularly at the end of secondary education, can never be a precise science, and the manner in which external concerns are responded to defines, for me, the quality of an assessment organisation - in this regard HKEAA have seemed excellent ever since my first encounter with them in 2008.

The achievements of HKEAA over the years were well exemplified during the period when I was helping with the introduction of the HKDSE, from 2009 to 2012. In that difficult period, so many staff were always ready to review and adjust the development as it progressed, and devote whatever time and resources were needed to ensure a successful introduction. This included IT staff developing systems, academic staff developing and supporting assessment models, administrative staff and other staff working towards public understanding and international acceptance of the new qualification. HKEAA was exemplary in all aspects.

Of course, progress can never be completely smooth, and improvements will continue to be sought, but from my experience with HKEAA I am confident that a high standard of service to the Hong Kong community will continue to be provided into the future.
Dr George Pook
Deputy Secretary General (2009 – 2012)
Dr George Pook
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