I take great pleasure in congratulating the HKEAA on its 40th anniversary.

The HKEAA has played a crucial role in supporting the educational development of Hong Kong, in particular, in the restructuring of the academic system in the last decade. Throughout these years, the HKEAA has gained the trust and respect of the local community as a fair and reliable assessment organization. Moreover, the fact that the HKEAA is holding numerous professional and international assessment exercises is a valid indication that it has earned the recognition of professional and international communities.

It is my honour to have served as an honorary member of the Authority in various capacities for more than two decades. My engagement at the Authority allowed me ample opportunity to observe closely the operation of the Authority. I was convinced that the reputable status to which the Authority has been accorded could be attributed to a list of factors, including the dedication and diligence of the staff, team work, informed decision making system and highly efficient institutional management. These strengths were highly treasured by all staff as well as the honorary members of the Authority and I trust that these strengths will perpetuate in the years to come!
Prof Tam Man-kwan, PhD, BH, BBS, JP
Deputy Chairman (1993 – 2001)
Prof Tam Man-kwan, PhD, BH, BBS, JP
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