Over my years in community service, what never fails to amaze and impress me is how effectively Hong Kong’s unique system of semi-government institutions works. This is especially true when the right expertise and a high level of shared commitment to public service could be assembled within both the governing body and the professional executive arm. An essential feature underpinning Hong Kong’s administrative efficiency, this system of delegated governance deserves to be cherished and safeguarded by the community.

By diligently developing the tools by which to measure and benchmark Hong Kong’s educational output, the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority is the epitome of such institutions. It is my privilege to have been associated with the HKEAA, an experience I have found to be both challenging and rewarding.

On its 40th Anniversary, I wish the HKEAA continued success as a valuable institution of Hong Kong.
Mr Irving Koo Yee-yin, SBS, JP
Chairman (2003 – 2009)
Mr Irving Koo Yee-yin, SBS, JP
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